Monday, April 13, 2015

Fleeting Moments.

Yes, that is a pink cupcake in my daughter's mouth.
Everyone says that time flies, especially when you have kids.  It's often called a cliché, but it rings so close to true perception that I consider it axiomatic.  The past seven and a half years have been a blur.
This all came to me on Saturday, when Jballs and I ventured down to Waco, Texas to run up, down, and around Cameron Park in the Toughest 'N Texas Trail Runs.  Eight years ago, I ran my first ultra out there while my pregnant wife hung out on a quilt overlooking the Brazos river. 
Now here we are, a family of four celebrating Annie's 3rd birthday at the park while Ezra climbs trees, plays baseball, and reads chapter books.
It seems just yesterday and yet ages ago that Nell and I started dating.  Aaaah, 1999.  The end of college, the beginning of law school, and the first step down a relationship that would still be rocking along 16 years later.


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