Monday, March 09, 2015

Spring Breakers.

I have a new love and respect for Spring Break, especially when it comes to working out at the TCU Rec Center.  As I arrived for my Monday morning session, I was greeted by the greatest of all sounds ever to emanate from a college gym -- SILENCE.  For the next week, the jocks, coeds, sorority girls, frat boys, emo kids, crossfitters, yoga chicks, and treadmill rats are GONE.  Off to greener pastures, or perhaps South Padre Island (hopefully avoiding the puking fee) for a week of relaxation, debauchery, or both.  No waiting for a bench or a machine or the water fountain.  A sublime workout, indeed. 
Speaking of working out, so far this Whole30 thing seems to be living up to its promise.  A little over a week on the plan, and I am already seeing and feeling the results.  The jury is still out on the final verdict, but I'm optimistic.
Seriously, NO ONE was there.

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