Monday, March 02, 2015

Bipolar weather week.

Last Sunday, Nell and I were sitting on a patio in New Orleans having a drink in perfect, sunny, 75 degree weather.  It was a (somewhat) spur of the moment trip to our favorite city.  Originally planned for two nights, we got an extra 24 hours in the Big Easy when Mother Nature decided to shut down DFW airport with "thundersleet."  We ate, we drank, we slept.  I even managed an 8 mile run along the Mississippi River.  It was marvelous. 
Upon our return to reality, we were greeted with snow and freezing rain.  Last Friday's blast of artic air pretty much shut down the metroplex.  It also led to the cancellation of the Cowtown 5k and 10k races on Saturday, as well as the marathon and ultramarathon on Sunday.  I was scheduled to pace the ultra.  What to do? What to do?  What the heck -- I went out and ran the half-marathon, which was the only race that took place, albeit with an hour later start time.

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