Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Welcome back (maybe).

So it's been awhile.  Five and a half months, to be exact.
My bad.
I suppose an explanation for my absence should be warranted, but there's really not much to tell.  I was burnt out--just not into running or rambling or much physical exertion.  I had a trial, played golf, went to basketball and little league games, and laid low. 
I guess I'm now ready to rejoin the running ranks.  So here's the first one.
After retiring last year as race director, I finished my first El Scorcho as a participant last weekend.  Just the 25K, but it was a great time.  t the inaugural El Scorcho, Ezra was in Nell's belly.  Eight years later, my almost seven year old boy joined me for part of three of my five loops.  Good times.


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