Tuesday, December 17, 2013

What's in your wallet?

It's December, so it's time to look back on this year's endurance events.  Just cuz.

So, how did 2013 stack up?

I kicked off January with a slow, muddy 50km slog at Bandera.

Next up was my annual DNF (after 60 miles) at Rocky Raccoon  in February.

Also that month, I paced the 50km Cowtown Ultra and ran 2 out of 3 loops at the Waco Toughest N' Texas for a total of 22 miles. 

After Waco, I put long distance running on hold and got out the bike. 

I rode 100km at the Peach Pedal,  41 miles at the Goatneck, and 40 miles at the Blazin' Saddle Ride

As the temperatures dipped, I started running again. 

A few days ago, I knocked out the inaugrual Icenado Revenge marathon. 

Nothing to Earth-shattering, but all in all, not a bad year.

So... what's on tap for 2014...?

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