Wednesday, December 18, 2013



A quick note about my experience at the inaugrual (and maybe only) Icenado Revenge Marathon last Saturday.  The entire race took place along the Trinity River, mostly atop the levee.

 Drizzle and chilly temperatures greeted the 250 or so runners at the start.  And then the moisture let up, the temperature dropped, and a brutal north wind kicked in.    With 33 degree temps, gusts up to 28 mph, and nothing to break the wind coming off the river, it was awfully cold. 

During the second half of the marathon, I decided not to waste my energy running into the nasty headwind and slowed to a power walk. 

No worries.  It was a slow run, but really a training run and not a race.  I finished in 4:55, right in the middle of the marathon pack.

But hey, I also stopped at mile 26 (with the finish line in sight) to snap a picture with Santa Claus.  Merry Christmas, amigos!

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