Thursday, December 26, 2013

An Endurance Exhibition: 37 Days of Bling

In an effort to breathe a bit more life into this blog, I'll be posting a picture a day of the various bling (medals and buckles) I have received since I started my journey down the endurance addiction.
Not counting DNFs (and I have several, most of which occurred beyond the marathon mark), I currently have thirty-six marathon or ultramarathon finishes.  Optimistically, I am proclaiming that I will post pictures for thirty-seven consecutive days--boxing myself in for a Bandera finish in a couple weeks.  (And wistfully, I hope to post a thirty-eighth picture sometime after the first weekend in February showcasing a shiny new 100-mile buckle--but that may be a pipedream.)
As I took stock of the badges I have been awarded over the past thirteen years, I realized that a few medals have vanished, lost somewhere at a previous home or apartment or perhaps in the cushions of an abandoned couch. 
The memories of those events, however, remain. 
And it is the memory of the experience, not the shiny trinket, for which we run.
Vaya con Dios, amigos.

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