Thursday, December 26, 2013

An Endurance Exhibition: 37 Days of Bling

In an effort to breathe a bit more life into this blog, I'll be posting a picture a day of the various bling (medals and buckles) I have received since I started my journey down the endurance addiction.
Not counting DNFs (and I have several, most of which occurred beyond the marathon mark), I currently have thirty-six marathon or ultramarathon finishes.  Optimistically, I am proclaiming that I will post pictures for thirty-seven consecutive days--boxing myself in for a Bandera finish in a couple weeks.  (And wistfully, I hope to post a thirty-eighth picture sometime after the first weekend in February showcasing a shiny new 100-mile buckle--but that may be a pipedream.)
As I took stock of the badges I have been awarded over the past thirteen years, I realized that a few medals have vanished, lost somewhere at a previous home or apartment or perhaps in the cushions of an abandoned couch. 
The memories of those events, however, remain. 
And it is the memory of the experience, not the shiny trinket, for which we run.
Vaya con Dios, amigos.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013



A quick note about my experience at the inaugrual (and maybe only) Icenado Revenge Marathon last Saturday.  The entire race took place along the Trinity River, mostly atop the levee.

 Drizzle and chilly temperatures greeted the 250 or so runners at the start.  And then the moisture let up, the temperature dropped, and a brutal north wind kicked in.    With 33 degree temps, gusts up to 28 mph, and nothing to break the wind coming off the river, it was awfully cold. 

During the second half of the marathon, I decided not to waste my energy running into the nasty headwind and slowed to a power walk. 

No worries.  It was a slow run, but really a training run and not a race.  I finished in 4:55, right in the middle of the marathon pack.

But hey, I also stopped at mile 26 (with the finish line in sight) to snap a picture with Santa Claus.  Merry Christmas, amigos!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

What's in your wallet?

It's December, so it's time to look back on this year's endurance events.  Just cuz.

So, how did 2013 stack up?

I kicked off January with a slow, muddy 50km slog at Bandera.

Next up was my annual DNF (after 60 miles) at Rocky Raccoon  in February.

Also that month, I paced the 50km Cowtown Ultra and ran 2 out of 3 loops at the Waco Toughest N' Texas for a total of 22 miles. 

After Waco, I put long distance running on hold and got out the bike. 

I rode 100km at the Peach Pedal,  41 miles at the Goatneck, and 40 miles at the Blazin' Saddle Ride

As the temperatures dipped, I started running again. 

A few days ago, I knocked out the inaugrual Icenado Revenge marathon. 

Nothing to Earth-shattering, but all in all, not a bad year.

So... what's on tap for 2014...?

Friday, December 13, 2013

Icenado Revenge!

This is the backpack my son has chosen to take to school these days.  I received it earlier this year for finishing my fifth consecutive Cowtown 50km as a pace group leader.  I wonder how many other kids at Lily B. Clayton are rocking a "Cowtown Allstar" backpack?

And speaking of running, yesterday morning I signed up for tomorrow's Icenado Revenge Marathon put on by my friends at FWRunCo.  The winter storm that hit DFW last weekend caused the organizers to cancel the White Rock Marathon, so the boys at the run store decided to stage their own marathon along the Trinity Trails.  Should be a festive jaunt.

Monday, December 02, 2013

I used to blog quite a bit.  Mostly running and rambling tales about my latest attempt to conquer some sort of endurance beast.

But then something happened.
And the time available throughout the day to run (and ramble) diminished dramatically in duration.
Not that I have a decent excuse.  Afterall, running with kids shouldn't be a hinderance.
I also started spending more time pursuing other hobbies.

 But I still think of myself for the most part as a runner, particularly a long distance runner, even though my distances aren't nearly as long as they used to be.
I've got two races coming up in the next few months--Bandera and Rocky Raccoon.  Both are favorites.  I'm registered for 50km at Bandera and 100 miles at RR. 
50km will be fun and doable. 
I am in no way, shape, or form prepared for 100 miles.  And I certainly don't have the time to get there. 


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