Friday, September 20, 2013

Things have picked up the past month.  I've actually knocked back double-digit runs -- the first since March. 

What gives?  I'm not sure.  Perhaps my apathy toward inertia has jumpstarted a desire to get moving again. 

Tomorrow morning, I'll be knocking back 16 miles with Jballs, followed by a nap with my daughter, then a drive with my son to Austin for a boys' weekend and a visit to UT to watch the 'Horns try to salvage what already appears to be dismissal season and a tragic way for Mack Brown to ride off into the sunset.

Setting aside the abyssmal omen circling my alma mater's football team like a swarm of ravenous buzzards, the run tomorrow looks sublime.  A cold front is in the process of blowing through the metroplex, bringing with it the promise of mid-60 degree temperatures by my 5 a.m. start. 

Yes ma'am, I welcome that with open arms.  Welcome back, world.

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