Tuesday, January 08, 2013


2012 was a good year for our family. The arrival of our beautiful, sweet daughter; pre-school graduation and the start of kindergarten for our kind and delightfully devious son; trips to Playa del Carmen, Hot Springs Village, Austin, Miami, and New Orleans; an ample helping of live music from our favorite groups; family, football, baseball, and all things five year old boy. Our time together was relaxed, exciting, enjoyable, and hectic--an incomparable way to spend a year.

On the running front, I started off strong with good races at Bandera and Rocky Raccoon. Pacing the Cowtown was slow but appropriately so.

After that, however, things dropped off drastically, replacing running with golf, swimming, and avoiding the excessive Texas heat. When I finally started fraying to put back in some decent mileage, I developed a debilitating case of Achilles tendonitis.

While not a big believer in resolutions, I am a goal-oriented type of person that thrives on challenge, regardless of the severity.  Having races on the calendar keeps me motivated to move.  But with two children, time is a bit more limited than in years past.  Keeping that in mind, here is my (relatively) ambitious race schedule for 2013:

01.12.13 - Bandera 50 km
02.02.13 - Rocky Raccoon 100 mile (subject to cancellation if I get called to trial)
03.16.13 - Tn'T Waco 50 km
04.14.13 - Big D Marathon
06.??.13 - Cow Creek Country Classic Ride (75 or 100 miles)
06.15.13 - Tour d'Italia Ride (63 miles)
07.13.13 - Peach Pedal Ride (100 km)
07.21.13 - El Scorcho (race director)
12.??.13 - Cajun Coyote 100 mile (make up race if RR100 is cancelled due to trial)

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