Saturday, December 04, 2010

No WS.

The Western States lottery took place this morning and, alas, I was not randomly selected to fill one of the 213 available slots.  Considering a field of 1,614 hopefuls, it was a long shot.  While slightly disappointed, I am also relieved.  My head really hasn't been in the ultra game since Heartland.  Following a page from Clea's playbook, the new plan is to scale back and speed up.  Less miles run faster. 

2011 will be a good year.


chris mcpeake said...

I feel your pain. I too was not selected. good luck with the training

Hannah said...

I absolutely loved your Heartland recap. And your video. I'm doing Heartland 100 this year, and you got me even more excited about the event! I watched a few months ago, but had to come back to see it again. You even inspired me to figure out how to do a video during my event! I've been lucky to go out to the course (I live around an hour away) and I fell in love. I realize I may not feel that way after...

Sorry to hear about the Western States Lottery - sounds like if you are relieved, though, it is working out well.

Thanks again for such a great video and race report.


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