Saturday, September 18, 2010

Day Two: Green and Dumb.

No headaches, but still hungry. And I'm already sick of the never-ending smorgasbord of raw, green vegetables. If I could just cook them, that would make such a difference.

But no, say the nutrition Nazis. All green vegetables must be eaten raw.

Which leads to my next question--why only green vegetables? Why not red and yellow and orange? I had always been led to believe that colorful vegetable selections were healthy and encouraged.

That's true, say the green veggie Gestapo, but green vegetables have the highest fiber content and are thus better during the induction phase of your nutrition plan.

It's all just a bit too green and dumb.

The only reason I am continuing this unpleasant assault on my appetite is the amazing result after two full days. It may only be water weight, but pants are already a little looser and the scale has me down 2 pounds.

5 days to go.

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Francie said...

The more I experience dealing with food & my kids, the more I realize we are often misled about food. For example, everything you hear about kids & veggies recommends you simply encourage fruits/veggies in any manner. So it doesn't matter if the broccoli is smothered in cheese, or butter, etc., it teaches kids to eat veggies. They can learn later in life to remove the bad stuff. Maybe this is the same thing with raw vs cooked. We've enjoyed boiling, sauteeing, steaming, baking veggies while all along they are best in their natural state. I hope we don't find this to be true with meat. yuck.


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