Sunday, April 04, 2010

Happy Easter... and happy training!

I love Easter.  It signifies both the end and the beginning.  Lent and winter give way to celebration and spring.  It is a wonderful time.

I did my first long(ish) run since Waco yesterday.  While still focusing primarily on speed, I don't want to lose my endurance base.  The legs were sore from a hard workout with Heath the previous evening, but even with some prolonged walk breaks I did 12 miles at a 10 minute per mile overall pace.  I may go out for a bike ride later today.

Speaking of bikes, when Energy Fitness ended its tenure, so too did my Tuesday/Thursday noon spin class.  Or so I thought.  Two days later, Patrick and the crew resurrected the class and moved us over to L.A. Fitness.  And they have better and more abundant bikes, so no more getting turned away at the door.  I'm still bummed that Energy Fitness is gone, but I'm optimistic that things were will work out at L.A. Fitness.

Also, anyone from Energy Fitness (or elsewhere) looking for a good personal trainer should check out Dave Fannin and his crew.  I seriously cannot say enough good things about The Body Firm.  While most of their website and promotional materials are geared toward weight loss (at which they are phenomenal), they are also excellent at cross-training more experienced athletes and improving performance.

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