Sunday, February 28, 2010

What's on Your Nightstand? (or what I'm reading these days)

I just finished reading the book, "Eating the Dinosaur," Chuck Klosterman's newest collection of essays on a myriad of topics ranging from the conflict between professional football's conservative face and its Marxist soul to the intellectual value of "Industrial Society and Its Future."  If you have not read any of Klosterman's books, you ought to give them a try.  It is difficult to describe his work, but I'll try.  Reading Chuck Klosterman is like having that late night conversation at the college coffeehouse/bar (depending on your choice of vice) with a guy who is just a little bit smarter, cooler, and funnier than you are and whose overall ideas vibe with 90% of the way you view the world.  He's something of a contradiction--a pop culture obsessed hipster who peppers conversation with obscure quotes from out-of-run 80s sitcoms and can debate the importance of "Saved by the Bell," but who LOVES professional football and basketball (but abhors soccer).  He's written for articles The New York Times Magazine, Spin, The Washington Post, and ESPN.  Check him out.

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