Friday, February 19, 2010

Nell rocks the Austin Marathon

Apologies for my recent blog neglect.

Valentine's weekend proved very good for Nell's heart, as she finished the Austin Marathon in 4:58:06--more than 9 minutes faster than her previous showing at the Marine Corps Marathon in 2006.

Nice work, my love.


Francie said...

Do you notice how dangerously close she is to that man-hole cover?

Kevin said...

Hey, I didnt know you guys were in Austin. Tell Nell i said congrats on the time.

Cowtown Camera Girl said...

Frandog -- We had just had a conversation about that man-hole. How funny that it ended up in the picture. I didn't even notice it.

And thank you to my love for cheering me on. It was kind of fun to be on the other side this time. :0)


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