Wednesday, January 20, 2010

DNS, nah, how about WNS -- Will Not Start

<==== This is the primary reason I have decided to bag Rocky Raccoon.

About six weeks ago, I was running east of downtown Fort Worth when I stepped on the manhole cover pictured on the left. At that time, the manhole cover was not shifted in any way, and appeared for all intents and purposes to be securely over the manhole itself. There were no gaps or openings, and everything seemed to be in working order. That is, of course, until my foot came down on the manhole cover, which suddenly gave way and sent me flying into the street, where I braced my fall with my left palm. As the impact traveled from my palm up my arm, the brunt of the fall jammed into my left elbow, causing the radial head to crack. At the time, I wasn't aware of the break, as I was dealing with two bloody knees, a bloody forearm, and bloody palms imbedded with gravel. Only later that evening, when I discovered that I could not bend my arm, did I realize something was wrong.

Since then, I have not done any upper body weight lifting. While I continued to run, my mileage has decreased, and I've pretty much been in a funk. Yes, I ran Bandera, but it was a long, cold slog that was nearly 45 minutes slower than my previous times. Had Toben not been running his first 50 km and Jballs his first 100 km, I probably wouldn't have been out there.

Now I'm a few weeks out from Rocky Raccoon, where pre-injury I had planned a redemption run after last year's DNF. I'm undertrained, I still can't straighten my elbow, and my left knee has been nagging me since Bandera.

Somebody is trying to tell me something.

And, in quite a departure from my usual response to such omens, I'm going to listen.

Rocky, it's just not in the cards. Hopefully, I'll be back next year.
It's time to heal.


Tom Grant said...


the best thing about running is that it never needs to end. Dont sweat've many miles to go before you are done.

See you out there.

ps where do you run hill repeats in Ft.Worth?

clea said...

Totally the right choice to make. You finished a super tough 100...don't feel like you have to prove anything. I too am slowly learning to remember the races will always be there to do a another time.

Mark said...

Hey buddy. Sorry to hear about your injury - that sucks. But hey, maybe we'll both be lining up at Rocky again next year.

I was wondering when registration for El Scorcho opens up. I'm putting a group together to come up from Austin and run it - should be fun.

Take care.

DavidH said...

Happy healing bro. There are still plenty of local winter/spring trail races coming up to keep you out of trouble. :) You will be back playing in the dirt soon.


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