Saturday, January 02, 2010

Thanks to Dave and The Body Firm

Dave Fannin, owner and found of The Body Firm, worked tirelessly with me over the past year to help me finish my first 100 mile race.  In addition to my running, I cross-trained with Dave three days a week.  He customized workouts to supplement the miles and maximize my potential.  With Dave's guidance, I was able to log 30+ mile training runs with minimal soreness, allowing me to stay strong and active as the distances grew.  And it worked.  Thanks, Dave.

p.s. I ran 1,165.52 total miles in 2009.

p.p.s. Dave posted about my Heartland success on his blog.  I am both honored and humbled by his kind words.

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Vince said...

Hey Ryan,

Congratulations on completing your first 100-miler! A feat your certainly can be proud of.

Another attorney posing as a runner here in Canada is Monica Scholz. Check out: about her upcoming year!

Will you be doing another 100 in 2010?

Gotta run,


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