Friday, January 01, 2010

Year in Review

Goodbye 2009.  Hello 2010.

Because this blog is (mostly) devoted to my quixotic quests to cover increasingly farther distance under my own power, I'll take a moment to look back on several "firsts" that took place last year.

January 10, 2009 -- Bandera, Texas -- 1st 100 km
"Upon leaving The Lodge, the enormity of running another 31 miles of such ass-pounding terrain began to overwhelm me. We trudged along, but I had definitely hit the first low point of the run. Jballs tried to keep the mood light, and every now then we came atop a hill and took in the beauty of the surrounding. But, again, for the most part--it SUCKED."

February 7, 2009 -- Huntsville, Texas -- 1st 100 mile attempt and 1st DNF
"I stopped around mile 65 and pulled off my shoes to discover an enormous red stain around the middle of the toes on my left foot. We made it to the Dam Road aid station (mile 72.2), where they did their best to tend to the huge blisters that had formed on the balls of both feet, in between two of the toes on my left foot, and on the big toe of my right foot. Nell and I slowly made our way to the Park Road aid station (mile 75.61), but it was a death march. I sat down and again contemplated dropping, but my sister had come to pace me for a bit, and I decided to try to keep moving. I had to walk on my heels to avoid the blisters. It was brutal We made it 2.2 miles down the trail before calling it. At that point, I was averaging more than 30 mins per mile and, assuming I could even keep that pace (doubtful), I wouldn't make it under the 30 hour cutoff. So... DNF at 77 miles."

February 28, 2009 -- Fort Worth, Texas -- 1st time serving as an official 50 km pacer
"Around mile 23, the ultra course split off from the marathon course, and we were on our own for about 5 miles. From mile 23 to 26, the five of us (me, Jason, Jeff, Mike, and Dave) banded together as we fought a killer north wind that did everything it could to knock us over....  We steadily passed runners--marathoners and ultramarathoners--over those last 5 miles. I won't lie; it felt good to be feeling so good while others were clearly suffering."

October 10-11, 2009 -- Cassoday, Kansas -- 1st 100 mile run
"Finally, I turned down the last stretch—a quarter mile straightaway to the finish line. There weren’t many folks out there, but those in attendance clapped and cheered. I tried to run—or at least look like I was running—and limped my way across the short, white chalk line painted on the side of the road as a few cars whizzed by. It had taken me 28 hours, 53 minutes, and 31 seconds to cover 100 miles on foot.... Looking back, I am convinced that Anton Krupricka had it right. Running 100 miles if f*cking hard. I am still somewhat shocked that I made it. There was no runner’s high, no sense of euphoria during or after the run. It was hard. Plain and simple. In the end, I’m grateful for the experience, but I’m not sure if I ever want to go through it again."

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DavidH said...

Those seem like some truly memorable running experiences for the year. Wow, full year.

Those blisters at Rocky sounded brutal. I enjoyed your 100 miler video as well.


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