Friday, December 04, 2009

Motivation Issues

Motivation is still an issue.  Since Heartland, I want to run long, but I can't seem to get myself to do it.  I haven't made it more than 14 miles.  Now that I've conquered the 100 mile beast, I don't know what the next challenge is (or if there will even be one).  What now?  The weather has grown colder, too, which doesn't help.  Bandera is a month away, and it is going to kick my ass sideways.  I'm running the 50 km race with T. and S., two trail running virgins, so we should at least keep the pace in check.  I ought to be able to gut it out. My training buddy and El Scorcho co-founder, Jballs, is going for his first 100 km.  The plan is for T., S., and me to finish the 50 km, head back to the motel, get cleaned up, and grab some dinner.  We'll then head back out to the race (probably with a 12 pack of beer) to meet Jballs at various aid stations until he finishes.

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