Sunday, November 08, 2009

It is amazing how quickly one's strength diminishes after a lay off.

Until last week, it had been nearly 6 weeks since I had significantly lifted weights. 

It wasn't due to lethargy.  My 100 mile quest has been exhaustively and, I'm sure if you ask certain individuals, annoyingly documented.  Perhaps because of my endurance effort, I assumed that I hadn't lost a substantial amount of muscle.

I was wrong.

Back with Dave and The Body Firm team--our new trainer, Heath, might be more of a sadist than Mr. Fannin himself--has been humbling, to say the least.  I find myself struggling to throw up weight that was merely a warm-up two months ago. 

The return to strength training has reminded me that fitness is an ongoing effort and any amount of apathetic complacency breeds weakness, even when necessary for recovery.

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