Monday, October 05, 2009

It's not always all about running. With less than five days until Kansas, maybe it's time for some marginally tantalizing tidbits that don't necessarily involve the perplexingly prolonged pounding of pavement.*
  • Ezra James is making the rapid transition from toddler to little boy. 

  • Nell has decided to run the Austin Marathon on Valentine's Day.  She ran her first marathon in Washington, D.C. two months before becoming pregnant with Ezra.  That doesn't mean anything, does it?**

  • Oklahoma State beat Georgia, then lost to Houston.  Houston beat Texas Tech, then lost to UTEP, who lost to Texas.  USC beat Ohio State, then lost to Washington.  OU's 2 losses this year are both by only 1 point.  BYU, who along with Miami beat OU, lost to Florida State, who lost to Boston College and Miami.  I could go on.  The point is, college football is crazy this year, the rankings are ridiculous, and a playoff needs to happen.  In the meantime, however, I cling to the Longhorns' #2 ranking.  Alabama and LSU better not jump us.

  • I've got Roy Williams and Jason Witten on my fantasy football team.  It'd be nice if Romo would throw a pass to either of them.

  • I enjoy an occasional rainy day, but every day is a bit excessive for North Texas.

  • Why is there a Ronald Reagan Freeway in Arlington, Texas?

  • A recurring pet peeve involves the incorrect use of the word, "literally."  For example: "It was so hot, I was literally burning up."  No, you weren't, jackass.

  • I'm not a grammar snob.  I just want us all to learn to read and write real good.
  • UPDATE: I feel compelled to point out that I was well aware of the glaring gramatical error in the preceding sentence.  I was literally shocked when my attempt at humor was lost on some readers.

* I do, however, enjoy a hearty use of alliteration.
** No, it doesn't.  And don't get any ideas.


Reese said...

Good is normally an adjective used to describe or qualify a noun. Well is an adverb used to describe or qualify an action such as "read and write well."

Ryan V. said...

So true, Reese. It's unfortunate that my attempt at humor (by using incorrect grammar) didn't come through.

Reese said...

What's unfortunate is that my acknowledgment of said humor was not clearer.


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