Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Random midweek reflections...
  • I'm sick of training. Remind me to never schedule a 100 mile race in the fall. Long runs + Texas heat = too many obscenely early mornings. Unless you're a morning news anchor, there is no justifiable reason for waking up before 3 a.m.
  • Partisan politics are approaching ludicrous speed. Like him or not, when the President of United States of America chooses to address the nation's school children about the importance of education, parents should let their kids watch. Are you really worried that a twenty minute speech will detrimentally affect your child's (political) development? Maybe we should keep all political talk away from our kids (or at least political talk authored ]by members of a political party with which we don't agree). Yeah. That's it. That's the ticket. That's the way to raise independent thinkers.
  • Sooner Nation continues to blame the loss of Heisman QB Sam Bradford for BYU's upset of the previously-ranked #3 team in the country. Um, yeah, but what about the Cougars' 9 minute, 78 yard touchdown drive in the 4th quarter?
  • Speaking of football, Fantasy Football (which is vastly superior to the plain old NFL) starts this week. I've got a few stars and several question marks in my lineup.
  • I am jealous of Ezra's mid-day nap.

1 comment:

St Frances said...

I'm with you on the speech. Don't understand all the hype.


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