Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Work has been brutally invigorating the past 10 days. Temporary restraining orders, emergency hearings, injunctions... the hours have been longer than usual, but peppered with numerous Court appearances, arguments, and examinations.

On the running front, I plan to hit southwest Fort Worth for 26-30 miles early Saturday morning. I expect Jballs will make an appearance during the trek.

But can I really call such a paltry distance a trek?

Afterall, Miles is hammering out 100km in Oregon this weekend, while John "F'ing Grilled Cheese" Sharp is doing his fifth (!) 100 mile race of the year--and up in oxygen-deprived Leadville.

You see, friends? I'm not nearly as obsessive about this endurance running as some folks.

1 comment:

Derek said...

Obsessive, not yet but you might be headed that way! lol


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