Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Body Firm Encourages Intensity

Dave decided to encourage Toben and me by posting a picture of us working out on his blog.

The picture is below, but first a bit of an explanation.

This picture was taken toward the end of our workout, after we had already spent a half hour trashing our bodies with high-intensity, zero-rest weight/cardio punishment.

To cap off the torture session, Dave rewarded us with Tabata Thrusters.

What are Tabata Thrusters?

I had the same question.

From what I gathered from the Internet (which we all know is an infallible source of accurate information), Tabata is the name of a Japanese researcher who discovered an interesting way to increase both anaerobic and aerobic pathways at the same time.

Here is how it works. Take one exercise and perform it in the following manner:

1) For twenty seconds, do as many repetitions as possible.
2) Rest for ten seconds.
3) Repeat seven more times.

That's it, and you're done in four minutes.

Oh, and that thing you're trying to brush off your face? That would be the floor.

One site sums it up like this: "The Tabata training method is so simple, yet so incredibly difficult, that athletes tend to try it once, acknowledge its greatness, and then vow to never speak its name again."

Tabata Thrusters are incredible amounts of fun.* Take two dumbbells and hold them at shoulder height. Squat down--all the way down, we're talking a DEEP squat--while keeping the dumbbells on your shoulders. As you rise up, press the dumbbells to the overhead lockout position. Repeat. Again. And again. And again.

It helps to have someone record the reps of each set for you because, well, you won't remember after you pass out.

ANYWAY... this is Toben and me somewhere in the middle of our 4-minute Tabata Thruster routine, which, I believe I pointed out earlier, took place at the conclusion of our workout.

* i.e., utter agony.

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