Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Anybody want to join Jballs and me for a marathon before work tomorrow morning?


Francie said...

Dang it. I missed it.

Jeff Davis said...

You guys are machines! Hey this is Jeff Davis from the Cowtown Ultra Marathon. Yumi and I really enjoyed meeting you two. I know it has been a while but wanted to say thanks for helping make it through my first Ultra. Wish we could have made it down for El Scorcho. Keep it up and good luck on your 100.

Ryan V. said...

Frandog -- sorry you missed out.

Jeff -- good to hear from you, amigo. El Scorcho was a blast. Check out my July 20 blog entry for a video from the event. What's next on your agenda?

Jeff Davis said...

I subscribe to your RSS feed so I saw that video when you posted it. Great stuff.

I am going to run at least the 6 , maybe the 12 hour (not sure yet) endurance run on October 24th in OKC. Apparently, it is a new run up here:

We are also planning to run the Route 66 Marathon in Tulsa.


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