Monday, May 18, 2009

Still running, less blogging. Trying officially started a few weeks ago for Heartland. As the Texas heat rises to its sweltering peak, so too will I reach my highest mileage mark with back-to-back long runs in late August. And recall, amigos, this is what I do for fun.

The house has been on the market about a week now, and we've had a few showings, but not the onslaught of home buyers we had hoped for. Ah well. Not too worried. It's an awesome house in a great area. It'll sell in due time.

Hmmm... oh, yeah... and the big news --

Aunt Poolie (my sister) and Randall (her boyfriend) got engaged last week!!!


Jenno said...

Congratulations, Tullie and Randall!

Jenno said...

Congratulations, Poolie and Randall! Have they set a date?

Francie said...

Congrats to Poolie! And maybe you'll have a busy memorial day weekend. If you guys find yourself kicked out of the house, you should come visit us out West!


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