Sunday, April 12, 2009

Two rides this weekend on the bike and, how can I put this delicately, my ass hurts. Literally. Why are bike seats so small?

Three weeks until the Shiner ride. Sure, until yesterday, I hadn't ridden my bike in 8 months, but who's counting? Why shouldn't I be able to get into century ride shape in a few weekends? Go big or go home, right? I figure if I can't run 100 miles, then I better be able to at least bike it.

p.s. If you've got young kids, and you're going insane from listening to cutesy kid music in the car, I'd recommend Barenaked Ladies' album "Snacktime."


johnt said...

Hey bro, I am officially in on the Shiner ride. A friend of mine from here will be going also.

See yall in Austin.

Francie said...

Are you in pain because you haven't ridden the bike in a long time? Or do you have the wrong seat? I'm going to guess #1.


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