Sunday, April 05, 2009

It's a bit after 1 pm, and I am not basking in the post-marathon glow. And I'm okay with it. The past season has seen a lot of running.

It started in August with 3 a.m. runs all over west Fort Worth.

In October, I ran 30 miles from my parents' house in Mansfield to where I grew up in South Arlington, past my old junior high and high school, and back--as a training run.

In November, I covered just shy of 55 miles in 12 hours on an unexpectedly hilly course at the Ultracentric.

The next month, I finished strong after 50 miles at what I later learned was the final Sunmart Endurance Run.

I started 2009 off with a 100 kilometer trek up and down the mountains* of Bandera.

In February, blisters and chafing resulted in my first ever DNF after 77 miles at Rocky Raccoon.

A few weeks later, I paced the Cowtown Ultra with Jballs, followed the next week by some tough trail running in Waco.

As recently as a week and a half ago, I had planned to run the Big D Marathon today. But then I got sick, recovery took longer than anticipated, and I eventually decided that I would take the day off. And as I look out my front porch window at the trees blowing over as gale-force** winds rip through North Texas, I think I'm ever better than okay with not running. I'm happy to not be running today. Because I wouldn't want my last race of the season to be a beat down.

Especially when the new season starts next month as I begin training for Heartland.

* Hey, they seemed like mountains to me.
** i.e., not gale-force.

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Curtis said...

It is sad that there won't be another Sunmart. However, from a Huntsville runner, I can tell you that good authority says the park is going to have a race in December the same length sponsored by none other than Roger Soler.

Of course, Roger is the most recent race director for Sunmart, so I doubt fans of Sunmart will be let down.


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