Friday, February 27, 2009

Tomorrow, I will run the Cowtown Ultra for the second time. It will be my first long run since DNF'ing after 77 miles at Rocky Raccoon. The chafing has healed and the blisters have caloused over. If I ignore the 35 mph wind guests, it should be a good time. I'll be pacing the 50 km, so feel free to say hello.

And I just had lunch with Kevin. I think he's going to smoke the marathon tomorrow. I predict he finishes in 3:43.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

After a solid week off my feet, I hit the pavement on Monday for a short 1 mile jog to/from my gym.

The next day, I laced up for 4 miles with Ezra. Amidst his constant alerts of the passing scenery--"Truck! Car! DaDa!"--my enjoyment soared. (Unfortunately, so did some slight chafing leftover from RR. Note to self: liberally apply Body Glide on all runs from now on, no matter how short.)

Hopped up on goofballs (i.e., my first run-induced endorphins in days), I hit a spin class at lunch.

Still feeling good, I drove by Fort Worth Running Company after work and purchased a very necessary pair of shoes and some socks. 400+ miles on all of my other running shoes meant it was time to upgrade.

This morning, I pulled out my shiny, new Mizunos and again cruised Rivercrest with Ezra for an easy 4 miles.

Damn, it feels good to be a gangsta.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

No long, written race report for Rocky. The video and the short post below it pretty much lay out what happened.

So what now?

Getting right back on the horse, amigos.

I'll see you in Kansas in October.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Still regrouping from Rocky Raccoon. On a day when so many things went right--good nutrition, little muscle soreness, new friends--my feet did me in. I still don't have a full race report, but I'll get one together eventually. Here's the short version.

It was warm. High 70s-low 80s with lots of sun.

I started having chafing and foot issues around mile 30. The chafing got so bad I had to cut the liner out of my running shorts. The seam was killing me. I considered calling it at mile 40, but I changed socks and shoes and kept moving.

After 60 miles, I was allowed to have a pacer, and Nell was there to keep me moving. But I was hurting.

I stopped around mile 65 and pulled off my shoes to discover an enormous red stain around the middle of the toes on my left foot. We made it to the Dam Road aid station (mile 72.2), where they did their best to tend to the huge blisters that had formed on the balls of both feet, in between two of the toes on my left foot, and on the big toe of my right foot.

Nell and I slowly made our way to the Park Road aid station (mile 75.61), but it was a death march. I sat down and again contemplated dropping, but my sister had come to pace me for a bit, and I decided to try to keep moving. I had to walk on my heels to avoid the blisters. It was brutal We made it 2.2 miles down the trail before calling it. At that point, I was averaging more than 30 mins per mile and, assuming I could even keep that pace (doubtful), I wouldn't make it under the 30 hour cutoff.
So... DNF at 77 miles.

Damn. The biggest bummer is that my legs were good, my nutrition was fine, and mentally, I was still in it for the long haul. But the wheels literally came off.

I'll be back next year.

In the meantime, I've got to heal quickly because I am an official pace group leader for the Cowtown ultramarathon (50 km) next weekend.

Monday, February 09, 2009

RR100: DNF at 77 miles.

Report, explanation, pictures, and video to come. Right now, recovery.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Physically, I’ve put in the time and the training, but I have no idea how to prepare mentally for running 100 miles. I will be out there for at least 24 hours, if not longer. That is a long time, but the most vivid memories come at the end of these endurance events. My goal is to experience each step, no matter how effortless or painful; to breathe deeply; and to keep moving forward.


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