Tuesday, January 06, 2009

“Start lines lead to finish lines, lead back to start lines.” – Bad Buddha

While this sentiment is undoubtedly true, there is something nonetheless refreshing about a new year. January 1st may be just another day in a series of days that turn into weeks, months, years, and decades, and the distinction between December 31st and January 1st may only be a manmade distinction. Nonetheless, it feels distinct. One door closes, another one opens. The mistakes of the past year are erased, and we are given another opportunity to live up to our full potential.

Will we realize it?

Or will 365 days whirl by in the blink of an eye with all the same misgivings and nostalgia?

As I glance forward to the next 52 weeks, I find myself looking back at the thoughts I had at the end of 2007. And now, more than a year later, they still resonate today.

So here are my 2009 aspirations, recycled from 2008:

Empathize more, criticize less.
Train smarter, not harder.
Drink less, eat healthier.
Express more gratitude, less entitlement.
Exercise more humility, less arrogance.
Be quicker to forgive, slower to blame.
Practice efficiency.
Give more compliments.
Be thankful.
Offer to help.
Be more appreciative.

Oh, and I’d like to complete the Bandera 100 km this weekend and the Rocky Raccoon 100 mile next month to finish out the Texas Trilogy and The Quad.


clea said...

Hi Ryan...

So impressed you guessed Trading Places correctly on my blog!

I am not doing Bandera this year....just because I am doing the 2 Huntsville races already. I know you will do great and cannot wait to read your report. I loved the 100K. Just when you really want to quit...you are done! Have fun, and enjoy the beautiful Hill Country out there.

badbadbuddha said...

Happy New Year Ryan -- see you at RR.

Mark said...

Hey Ryan. See you at Bandera this weekend. If you're not doing the race supper on Friday night, maybe we could meet up for supper in town. There's a Mexican restaurant I've been meaning to try.


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