Friday, December 26, 2008

Five pounds.

That's how much body fat I've lost in 6 weeks with Dave. Five pounds. 3/4 of an inch off my waist, 1 inch off my chest, and little off my arms. (Legs stayed constant.)

All I can say is...


The ass-kicking workouts, the sweat-drenched slogs home, the aching muscles--WORTH EVERY MINUTE.

Over the past several years, I've felt like I was in pretty good shape, but (other than long distance running), I'd plateaued. I suppose it is good that my weight has remained more or less constant for the past 6 years, but, despite lots of running and consistent (but purposeless) weight training, I hadn't seen any gains in my physique.

6 weeks with The Body Firm and I've lost five pounds of body fat. Measured. Quantified. Verifiable. FIVE POUNDS. Holy sh*t.

And the measurements came at the end of the worst week of the year for eating. A sampling of my menu over the past several days:

  • Tuesday lunch: Chicken fried steak, gravy, mashed potatoes, butter-drenched "veggies"
  • Tuesday dinner: Cocktails, fried calamari, garlic butter bread, veal, pasta
  • Wednesday breakfast: Sausage and cheese bread, breakfast casserole
  • Wednesday dinner: Beers, jalapeno and cheese tamales
  • Thursday breakfast: New Orleans breakfast casserole (spicy sausage, Canadian bacon, smoked sausage, eggs, cheese, french bread crumbs, and other goodies), blueberry pankcakes, bacon
  • Thursday dinner: Homemade macaroni and cheese, olive-oil infused finger potatoes, brown-and-serve rolls, and beef tenderloin (2 servings... of couse)

So despite blowing the doors off any semblance of healthy eating, I still passed the body-fat-caliper-and-scale test.

What does it mean?

A good trainer is worth his weight in gold.

Or at least body fat lost.

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