Friday, December 12, 2008

The Bandera 100 km is 4 weeks away. To get us ready to run the toughest trail race in Texas,* the race directors sent us an e-mail about our upcoming trek through rugged hill country. Here are some excerpts:

Welcome (Back) to Bandera,

We are gearing up for the 7th annual Gathering of the Tribes (ie: a trail run party) in the Hill Country State Natural Area near the Cowboy Capitol of Texas (Bandera).
. . .
It is out intention to help you get to the finish line. Oh, it won't be easy, but we will do the best we can to help you along.
. . .
Any rude or unwarranted behavior to my volunteers will get you booted out of the race and maybe every race I direct. I will place Whiner's Time Out Boxes here and there, so maybe if you are having a really bad day, maybe you should put yourself in for a time out.
. . .
The course is rugged, rocky, and difficult--as it was intended to be. I made this course as difficult as I could, while using the parks trail system.
. . .
There is a mat ONLY at the finish line and it is used only for finishing and the end of lap one for the 100km runners. we do not need you to cross the mat at the start. We dont care if you start an hour late. Your time starts at 7:30am regardless. We do not extrapolate the difference to be used as a Boston Qualifier. Boston would not understand.
. . .
The weather in Bandera is as would be expected, unpredictable. It has been very hot and quite cold, and sometimes both in the same race.... A rainy day in Bandera is the worst weather. The mud is pretty bad on the flats when it is wet and the rocks are very slippery. We have had a few very nice years, but who knows.
. . .
Anyway... you are in & thanks for coming. We look forward to seeing all of you.
joe & joyce

Sound like fun?

* The claim that Bandera is the "tougest trail race in Texas" has been confirmed by numerous sources including, among others, a guy I've never met who is a member of the Hill Country Trail Runners, Wikipedia, and me.

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