Friday, November 07, 2008

It's been a week and a half since I began weaning myself off the magical coffee bean (and all other sources of caffeine, the greatest drug of all time).

Yes, I miss it's intoxicating aroma and the euphoric lift it provided to my mornings, but, unlike my previous attempt to eliminate liquid crack from my diet, I have been able to persevere with minimal crankiness. (Or so I like to believe.)

Why the change? Why remove something so small that provides such an enormous benefit (especially after I've had a late night at work followed by an early morning with Ezra)?

Yes, tolerance.

But not the type that is so often hyped in the media. No, I am speaking of my physical tolerance to Arabica, Sumatra, and Seattle Mountain Blend.

With "The Quad" rapidly approaching (the first event, the 12-hour Ultracentric, is a week from tomorrow) and the reality of running races each lasting between 12 and 30 hours straight, caffeine is likely to be a necessary nutritional (?) component of race day. After running from sun up to sundown, a nice, tasty shot of espresso may be just what is needed to keep the motor running and the mind (relatively) sharp. To maximize its effect, I've been working to eliminate caffeine from my daily routine in the hopes that when I do require a hit of java, it truly does HIT--and with a pleasant, speed-demon bang.

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Derek said...

Good luck, I would have a real hard time without the coffee. I guess I will need to do the same if I can get to the longer distances.


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