Saturday, November 15, 2008

5:30 am. The 12-hour Ultracentric begins in three and half hours. And I'm sick. Not completely delibitated, but sick nonetheless. Yesterday, we learned that Ezra has an ear infection, pink eye, and a mild case of bronchitis. (Damn, you daycare!) He's on three medications, including a breathing treatment that he absolutely HATES. Poor little dude. And I'm afraid all the hugs and kisses and dad time with my boy may have caused some germs to jump ship and begin taking potshots at my immune system. We'll see how things go today.


Jenno said...

That's fatherhood...enjoy the ups and downs. Eat some chicken soup. It opens up your sinuses. Hope you feel better soon.

Derek said...

Looking forward to hearing how Ultracentric went. I hope the illness didn't get you down too much, because 12 hours is long time to be out there running. Goodluck and take care!

palouseygoosey said...

How did it go?! Been thinking about you and Nell and Little E this weekend.


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