Sunday, October 19, 2008

I am stoked, amigos.
I have a sponsor!!!

As I prepare for "The Quad" (12-hour Ultracentric, 50 mile Sunmart, 100 km Bandera, 100 mile Rocky Raccoon), I will be working with Dave Fannin and the folks at The Body Firm on a nutrition/cross-training program to complement the miles and miles I put in every week around Fort Worth.
If you happen to see me running along the Trinity Trails, feel free to stop by and chat. I'll let you know how things are going.
And I'll be out there a lot. I ran 26.2 miles before work on Friday and another 8 miles this afternoon. I've got long runs the next month going up to 30+ miles, so you can pretty much guarantee I'll be out there for several hours.

Life is good, my friends.


Aaron Wade said...

I'll also be at the Ultracentric, although I'll be running the 6-hour event.

Good luck on the training! Way to go by getting a sponsor.

Anonymous said...

That's pretty cool, man.


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