Thursday, August 14, 2008

I'm back on FitDay. Our summer clerks are finally heading out, and it's a good thing because the past 6 weeks of big lunches, happy hours, and dinner parties have taken their toll. Combined with the heat and the lack of athletic challenges to motivate me to train harder, I feel a bit, um, how shall I put this... husky. I need to drop at least 10 pounds between now and The Trilogy, and I need to concentrate on eating healthier. I tend to eat well throughout the day, but I often screw it up by grazing on whatever is nearby once I get home from work. I'm not a believer in dieting, but I do know that forcing myself to track what I eat (and drink) will help keep me honest. In that regard, I am (again) posting a link to my FitDay diary, if you're interested in checking it out.*

Oh, and I got a new toy this week.

My BlackBerry finally crapped out on me, and the firm** gave me the option of getting another one or going for the iPhone.

I made the right choice. Apple's newest gadget is incredible. It lives up to the hype. I downloaded a GPS distance tracker to use on my runs and was amazed out how well it worked. The iPhone picked up the GPS signal immediately and never lost it, despite the fact that I stored the sucker in the back pocket of Ezra's jogging stroller. No line of sight. I have no idea how it kept an accurate signal, but it was dead on. Much better than the Garmin Forerunner that Jballs sometimes runs with. In addition, the phone is great, the internet is fast, and the overall functionality is intuitive and pretty much flawless. I highly recommend it.

Have a nice weekend, folks. Think of me Saturday morning when I'll be running 18 miles before the sun comes up.

* i.e., if you are extremely bored.
** Yep, just like that John Grisham novel. Except not really.

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