Wednesday, July 09, 2008

El Scorcho is a week and half away. Lots to do. How did the idea of a midnight ultra with friends turn into a 400 runner event?

This weekend, pAppy and I will be riding 100K through Weatherford for the annual Peach Pedal. I rode the Peach Pedal a couple of years ago and enjoyed it, but couldn't fit it into my schedule last year. Perhaps I will enjoy a few peaches at the finish.

And while I am on the topic of cycling, allow me to vent about the inexplicably irate drivers I routinely encounter on the roads.

I realize, oh gas-guzzling SUV motorist, that you're clearly in a hurry and cannot be bothered to yield even a few feet of pavement to those of us grunting out miles under our own power, but is it necessary to (a) honk your horn, (b) holler obscenities, (c) hurl miscellaneous items, and/or (d) swerve your vehicle toward me as if to nudge me out of the way? Suppose, just suppose, that any one of your antics resulted in some sort of accident whereby you injured me in some way. Yes, you would have proved your esplanade dominance, but would it have been worth it?


Derek said...

I used to be a triathlete, but got tired of spending so much time on the road with these drivers. They basically drove me off the roads and into running! I love to bike, but the safety issue finally got to me!

Mark said...

Yeah, cyclists have a hard time in Austin too. My wife does a lot of road biking and I worry every time she goes out.

Good luck with your preparations for El Scorcho. See you at Trinity Park.

Just12Finish said...

Looking forward to El Scorcho - I think.


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