Saturday, June 07, 2008

My blogging has taken a back seat these days, but I'll get back on track (eventually).

So what's new?
  • Today, Nell and I have been married for 5 years! And we've been together for almost 10 years. I've got a surprise weekend planned for us.
  • Ezra is a crawling machine. The dude is zipping all over the house. We have affectionately dubbed the back two rooms the "safe zone" because we've tried to remove all of the potentially sharp, hazardous obstacles. We spend a lot of time in the "safe zone" these days.
  • I'm not running as much as I should. With no races on the horizon and the heat and humidity on the rise, I'm just not as motivated to get up early and crank out the miles. But...
  • Cycling has taken a more prominent spot in my workout routine. While I still prefer running, the sweltering Texas climate makes it mentally easier to hop on the bike than to lace up the Brooks. Although the 30-40 mph south winds that have been ripping across Fort Worth lately are threatening to dampen my enthusiasm.
  • Now that El Scorcho is sold out, the reality of putting on a 400 runner ultramarathon at midnight in Texas in July is sinking in. We've got A LOT of work to do between now and July 20.
  • And on a final note, I obtained a $1,009,000 post-answer default judgment on Tuesday. Punitive damages made up $900,000 of the $1 million+ judgment. Client is happy.


Rick Ankrum said...

I gave up on running a long time ago. Thank goodness Houston is fairly flat. We've had strong winds for the last week as well.

Frandog said...

Just another day at the office, right?

Kevin said...

congrats on the judgment. are you like, the next, erin brockovich or something??

Just12Finish said...

Hey, belated anniversary congrats to you two!


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