Sunday, June 01, 2008

El Scorcho Dos is SOLD OUT!

That's it, amigos. El Scorcho is done. No more runners. 400 is our limit and we're there. If you didn't register and make it, we're sorry.

Since we reached our field limit, I've gotten several e-mails asking if folks can come out and run the race anyway without registering.

Unfortunately, we cannot allow you to do so. We have very specific requirements that allow us to use Trinity Park after hours.We have insurance and permits and City Codes and you-have-no-idea-how-much beaucracy. There are serious liability issues with having unregistered runners participating in El Scorcho.

"Banditing" the course (i.e., running without registering) puts the entire race in jeopardy. If you care about the future of El Scorcho and Fort Worth ultrarunning, DO NOT "bandit" El Scorcho. If didn't get in this year, come out and volunteer and run next year.

If everyone plays by the rules and has a good attitude, then El Scorcho will be around for many years to come.


Frandog said...

Yo L - I am planning to come out and volunteer but I am not ready to commit through FTW Running Co. - simply because I want to bring 'A' with me & I don't know how long she will last. So if there's anything I can do to help you & Jason & Cowtown Camera Girl out - just let me know!

palouseygoosey said...

I think volunteering would be so much fun! I wish I could join...maybe in years to come...


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