Saturday, June 28, 2008

5:15 am. Last night, I received six omens that portend a potentially ill-advised Cow Creek Country Classic.

First, Ezra awoke crying at 10 pm, two hours after we put him to bed. These days, Ezra sleeps like a log and doesn't wake up until the morning.

Second, my throat started hurting in the middle of the night. A slight tickle that is now making it difficult to swallow my morning coffee.

Third, the outside of my left foot, which has been feeling a little weird over the past few days, began hurting as I laid in bed and now feels like some sort of strain.

Fourth, around 2:00 am, I got up to use the restroom and stepped in fresh cat puke that one of our felines had decided to leave right oustide our bedroom door.

Fifth, at 3:00 am, the carbon monoxide alarm went off.

Sixth, at 3:15 am, the Fort Worth Fire Department pulled up to our house to investigate. Thankfully, it appears to have been a false alarm caused by a faulty carbon monoxide detector.

But don't worry, folks. I'm not superstitious. My buddy, Steel Reserve (the person, not the 40, although I hear he was once selected as a "40 Under 40"), will be here in 30 minutes to drive us to Waxahachie for 4-6 hours of pedaling. I can't wait.


Addy said...

to me it sounds like so many things went wrong the night before that there are no negative things left to go wrong during the race - The whole "bad dress rehearsal equals a great performance" philosophy.

I hope the race goes amazingly!

Frandog said...

Sounds like one of those nights that you are secretly praying for a storm.


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