Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I've worn Asics since I started running marathons in 2001. My sense of loyalty had little to do with a love for the brand itself; rather, it was guided by convenience. I knew my size. I could order online. It was easy.
Well, yesterday I heeded the advice of friend, running store owner, and El Scorcho co-race director, James "Six Pack" Newsom, and bought a pair of Brooks. I'm about to take 'em for a spin. We'll see how they treat me, but one thing I know: they sure are pretty.


Kevin said...

Dude, you are going to love love love love love Brooks. That is my absolute go-to shoe. As soon as your feet get used to them, you will love them. The only thing: I can only get about 300 to 325 miles on them.

johnking said...

I love brooks, but mizunos are starting to get up there also. I still wear my first pair of brooks from 3 years ago when I first started running...just as casual shoes though.

afuntanilla said...

i am headed to austin today for long weekend. any specific places i should check out for fun and running-wise.
shoot me an email at



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