Friday, May 09, 2008

El Scorcho has 310 registered entrants. Wow. Just. Wow.

I was checking out Clea's blog yesterday (we ran a couple laps of the Waco 5-0 together), where she mused about the one-dimensional aspect of her blog:
I do want to point out my blog probably makes me seem a little one dimensional. Like all I care about is running. Well, I won't lie, it is a big part of my life and I can claim 20 years, at least 5 days a week most those years, and the math adds up to a lot of running and more races than I can count, but I do have other interests. But, when I decided to do a blog, I really didn't think I was up a full diary, to bore people (if anyone would really read it), with my mundane thoughts and I decided to keep it pretty light. I occasionally drift away from running, and fluff , but overall, the blog will stick to mile after mile!
I can relate. When I started this thing, I wasn't sure what it would be. Running didn't become the focus until the last few years. And believe it or not, there is more to me than running. I'm a father, a husband, a lawyer, a musician, a volunteer, a goober. But, like Clea, a blog about every aspect of my life seems a bit too overwhelming, all-consuming, and maybe even self-indulgent. (Of course, what's not self-indulgent about setting up one's own website/blog solely to highlight one's running endeavors?)

So you get mostly running, one of my passions that has been a pretty consistent part of my life since 2000. Enjoy.


Kevin said...

Hey, dude. I think your blog is cool _ love the race descriptions and the like.
And I swear swear swear I'm going to sign up for El Scorcho.
By the way, I'm going to do a 10-miler Saturday on the trails. Where are you running this weekend?

Kevin said...

Ok, I signed up for El Scorcho just now. But got a registration back that said I signed up for the 50k. Yikes. Meant to do the 25k. Can you change that for me, or show me how to change that.
If I have to run a 50k, you might as well have an ambulance follow me on the run.

clea said...

Hi Ryan!

Thanks for the shout out!! I think your blog does show you have a lot of other sides to you, and just from running with you a couple hours I could tell that. That is why trail runs are so much fun. Where else do you get to know someone so well in a couple hours, cover so many topics, and make instant friends from so many walks of life.

El Scorcho is probably not in the cards for me this year, but I am sure I'll see you at some of the late fall/ winter runs...


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