Saturday, May 10, 2008

Change of plans.

Looks like I'll be skipping the Ultracentric this year and running the inaugural San Antonio Rock and Roll Marathon. Two reasons.

First, Nell wants to run a marathon this fall, and her running friend, Elizabeth, wants to do San Antonio. It'll be a fun mini-vacation.

Second, James "Six Pack" Newsom, co-race race director of El Scorcho and co-owner of Fort Worth Running Company (El Scorcho's flagship sponsor), has offered me a free entry into the marathon.

My only concern is training for Rocky Raccoon. I had planned to go for 60 miles at the Ultracentric in November, followed by the White Rock Marathon in December, and 100 km at Bandera in January, all leading up to my first 100 mile attempt in February.

Maybe I'll run a double San Antonio marathon--if they'll let me. I doubt they will. I'm slow. I'd need the course open for ten and a half hours.


Mark said...

Hey Ryan. Looks like we're running many of the same races this coming fall/winter. As you're missing Ultracentric, have you considered doing the 50 miler at Sunmart? As you already have Bandera and Rocky Raccoon on your radar, this would also give you a shot at completing the Texas Trilogy. Just a thought.

El Guapo said...

How are you so good!

Addy said...

mini vacation and free entry are hard to beat! You could just run your own marathon distance after, self supported style? I'm sure you can make it work with your training :)


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