Monday, April 14, 2008

My buddy, Jason "J-Balls" Costantino's wife has recently posted a very nice description of her husband on her blog:

"Jason is an ultra marathoner, which means he runs more than the 26.2 required for normal marathons on a regular basis."

There's just one problem.

J-Balls doesn't run ultramarathons on a regular basis. Heck, he doesn't run them on an irregular basis. As I told him upon reading his wife's post, "I gotta call b.s."

Feel free to bombard his blog with unfriendly comments.


Dori and Jason said...

hahahah ok that's priceless.... I guess I should change it to he *thinks* he's an ultramarthoner because thats what he'll tell just anybody that will listen :0)

El Scorcho #2 (Jason C. aka JBalls) said...

Bring it on Ganda Boy. You got nothing on me except somewhere around 6 ultra races.

AnthonyP said...

Such a good friend you are !

Just12Finish said...

I see a head to head race coming up. It's always funny until someone starts pukin'


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