Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The other evening I drove over to a favorite local pizza place to pick up a pie. I was wearing my Cowtown finisher's shirt.

While standing in line to pay for our dinner, a middle-aged lady behind me said, "Congratulations on finishing the ultramarathon!"

"Thanks," I replied.

"How far was it, 10K?"



johnking said...

I agree with your comments on my blog. I often get looked as out of the norm (which is a good thing) because I exercise so much and push my bodies. I don't force my running onto others. If they ask, I will tell them. Some people choose to just not exercise, and I respect their decision. Usually it's those that crack on runners and at the same time are increasing their risk for heart disease, cancer, etc by sitting on the couch inhaling a double whopper. I could go on this forever. I made the decision to not do anything over a 50K until I run a sub 3 marathon...then I will try the 50-100 mile runs!

Just12Finish said...

While you're at it, are all marathons the same distance?


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