Saturday, December 01, 2007

We all exhibit a certain amount of self-delusion when it comes to how the world sees us. And I know that I certainly have an idealized view of myself--who I want to be, as opposed to who I really am. It's difficult (and sometimes a bit painful) to compare one's self-image to reality.

So with one month left in 2007, how do I want to end the year?

Empathize more, criticize less.
Train smarter, not harder.
Drink less, eat healthier.
Express more gratitude, less entitlement.
Exercise more humility, less arrogance.
Be quicker to forgive, slower to blame.
Practice efficiency.
Give more compliments.
Offer to help more often.
Be more appreciative.

And on that note, it's time to load up the backpack and head out on 15-mile run.

1 comment:

Just12Finish said...

Well said, you humble, forgiving, smart-training, less-drinking,
healthier-eating, my-you-look-young-for-your-age man!


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