Friday, September 28, 2007

Life is moving quickly and in many different directions these days.

First, there’s Ezra, my son. My new son. 4 weeks old today. He’s a strange, sweet addition to our lives who has become the center of everything we do. Everyday brings something new.

Second, there’s work. Busy, busy work. Upcoming trials. Lots of out-of-office hearings, depositions, meetings. I should have no trouble making up the hours lost immediately after Ezra’s birth.

Third, there’s running. Lots of running. Marathon-plus distance long runs every other week. Only running 4 days a week, I’m averaging nearly 40 miles per week. While that may not touch most serious ultrarunners, it’s a lot for me. The 12-hour Ultracentric run is 7 weeks away. 12 hours is a long time to run. Especially in 2.4 circles. What fun it will be!

Those are the biggies these days. There’s more going on, or going by, or flying by.

Oh, and go Longhorns!

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Just12Finish said...

Can I still blame Greg Davis for our woes?


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