Monday, August 27, 2007

Still no baby. 39 and 1/2 weeks and counting. Any day now.

In the meantime, my new coffee maker arrived and it is AMAZING. When I was in San Fran last month for the marathon, my friend Rachelle made me some French press coffee. I thought it was really good, so I got online to find a decent French press. Somehow, I stumbled upon an article about the Aeropress. Invented by the same guy who created the Aerobie frisbee, the Aeropress uses air pressure to brew the coffee. I started checking out reviews, and everything I read was positive. So I ordered one. Good call. Very good call.

Seriously. If you like coffee, buy an Aeropress.


afuntanilla said...

cool. with all that french press coffee, you will be able to watch a lot on that new TV. :)

Frandog said...

Eric has always raved about coffee presses. Maybe you could make us a cup next time we come to visit.


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