Wednesday, August 15, 2007

In the past two weeks, I have had exactly half of one beer. That's it. That's the only alcohol I've had. Now, don't get me wrong. I wasn't exactly a booze-hound until two weeks ago, but I did enjoy a cold one (or, admittedly, sometimes a few cold ones) after a long run, some yard work, or an afternoon on the golf course. And there's still nothing better than an ice cold Shiner Bock following several hours in the Texas heat. But maybe--just maybe--and I'm only guessing here--a bit more moderation was overdue. Hmmm...? And with baby-watch now at critical mass (Nell's pregnancy has now reached full term, so it can happen any day), crystal clear sobriety is probably even more recommended than ever before.

There are also some nice personal benefits as well. I feel great these days. (Much better than last week, when I was fighting a sadistic virus.) I'm running stronger, completing 20+ mile runs in wicked Texas heat with less fatigue. My gym workouts are more productive. And I've even dropped--get this--about 5 lbs. in the past two weeks.

So perhaps there's something to this...?


Frandog said...

I was told I can't hold the baby if you happen to deliver at the same time I've enjoyed some tasty wine. I'm okay with that.

Wait a minute? Was that on the checklist?? 'Be up front with Aunt Francie about the wine'

Just12Finish said...

I'm staying off the bottle for a while too, mostly because I can't stand running with a hangover, even if it's just a little buzz!


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