Saturday, July 14, 2007

5:56 a.m. Just over 18 hours until the start of the inaugural El Scorcho 25K/50K endurance run. 9 months in the making, and it's finally here. I still remember running with Jason back in November and throwing out the idea of going for a 30 mile run on my 30th birthday. Somehow, that notion morphed into an organized race with over 200 entrants and 30 volunteers. We've obtained park permits, insurance policies, and extra portapotties. And at the end of the day (night?) we'll be making a nice donation to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

Last night, we had an information Q&A session about El Scorcho at Double Dave's, the pizza joint next door to Fort Worth Running Company. About 20 or so runners showed up, including Sid, a dedicated fella who drove to Fort Worth from South Caroline for the run.

It was fun chatting with the runners and hearing their stories. We (Jason, James, Jim, and I) gave a short presentation about where the idea for our crazy all-night ultramrathon came from and then fielded inquiries ranging from the location of the aid stations to the number of portapotties to a description of the course. Everyone was visibly excited about the event.

At the conclusion of the meeting (around 8 p.m.) I bid everyone farewell, reminding them to get plenty of sleep before the start of the race--which began in 28 hours!

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Anonymous said...

Great job putting that together Ryan, I enjoyed it and look forward to running it again next year. (Sorry about the sweaty handshake, it was muggy out there.)


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